Preventing tick bites at Summer Camps

Welcome to the Wisconsin Ticks page for Camps!

Tick Widget Many kids go to summer camp, during outdoor activities campers and counselors can encounter ticks. This tool was developed to assist camps in developing and implementing tick prevention strategies at camp. Go to the Tick Widget for Camps.  

Risk category & Intervention methods Ticks are found in every county in Wisconsin and you might have campers and counselors who have gotten Lyme Disease or another tickborne illness. The tick bite intervention matrix is a quick way to calculate your tick control action score (0, no action needed, 9-12 take action now) and explore what type of interventions you can include at your camp. Explore the Tick Bite Intervention matrix.

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Tool Price Description
Reminder to check self before bed Free Counselors remind campers to check for ticks each day
Reminder to check self after outdoor play Free Counselors remind campers to check for ticks after play
Tool Price Description
Reminder in bathroom stalls Free – $$ A tag/card reminding campers and staff to check for ticks
Reminder in shower area Free – $$ A tag/card reminding campers and staff to check for ticks
Reminder at trail heads Free – $$$ A notice posted to remind campers and staff of the danger ticks pose
Specimens available to demonstrate size and appearance of tick stages $ – $$$ Specimens kept on display for campers and staff to see examples of ticks DIY or Order online
Pictures of ticks Free – $ Photos reminding campers and staff what ticks look like and their small size
Tool Price Description
Lawn treatment $$$ Adding insecticide to a fertilizer regimen
Mowed lawns $ – $$$ Mow one time per week
Mowed nature trails (if applicable) $ – $$$ Mow three times a month
Edged and wider nature trails $ – $$$ Side of nature trails kept clear from vegetation and long grass
Wood chip or other barrier between forest and lawn areas $$ – $$$ Reduces ticks in lawn areas

*For these treatments, consider local options for lawn care and maintenance


Tool Price Description
At-camp training on ticks Free – $ A short talk given by counselors about recognizing ticks, symptoms of tick bites and tick borne disease, and tick bite prevention
Bug spray available $ – $$$ Used on skin or clothing to repel ticks
Hand held mirrors available $ – $$$ Used for self-inspection during tick checks


Tool Price Description
Training on ticks Free – $ A short presentation about tick recognition, prevention methods for self and campers, symptoms of tick bites and tickborne disease, and removal of ticks
Prevention tools $ – $$$ Bug spray, mirrors, treated clothing, and rubber boots are examples of prevention tools
Tweezers available $ – $$ Used to remove ticks
Tool Price Description
Website page with tick information Free Information on camp website regarding ticks at camp and in the area
Packing list with prevention methods listed Free Recommend bug spray, long pants or shirts, permethrin treated clothing, and more
Tool Price Description
Access to nurse or trained medical staff $ – $$$ Hired professional help to remove ticks
Documentation with instructions on tick removal and post-removal practices $ – $$ Documentation on tick removal, symptoms to watch for and when to take action, and document shared with parent(s) and counselor (if needed)

Click on the tabs to explore the interactive intervention data base! The prices are color coded with green being lowest in price, and red being most expensive. Feel free to compare and make an intervention plan for the camp. Dollar sign key: $ – Low cost (less than $50) $$ – Moderate cost ($50-100) $$$ – Expensive cost (more than $100)